Felted ipod cover/case

I have search the net for a felted ipod cover and found nothing real good. If anyone has a sight or pattern please let me know.

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There is a pattern for a felted cellular phone/ipod cozy at Toward the Blue Peninsula.

It is the second entry down.

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I think there's a pattern for an ipod cover in men with balls also - it wouldn't be hard to do - just knit till you are about as wide as you need to be, then knit up twice the length of your ipod, bind off, and sew up teh sides... if you wanted a flap for the top, just knit farther-- it's something you could probably knit as you go :)




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This is a serious question - because I don't understand the concept of an ipod cover.


MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

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Well, I don't understand the concept of an ipod in the first place...

I think the idea is to just have a little bit of a cushion in case you drop the thing, since it would be incredibly easy to do that if you're listening to one while jogging. Well, that and just to have some fun, like the SquiPod.

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Why? Just because ---

When I wanted to try some felting out of some roving I had, I knitted a small little bag.. no pattern, just a few stitches wide, and then took it to the sink and dunked it into some hot soapy water, and really treated it roughly. It felted so very quickly! And it was just the right size for my cell phone! It's not very practical, trying to get the phone out is not easily done quickly, but was fun doing. I've done a few other felted things since, but that one was the most fun, I think.

So for a small quick project, you make these "why" projects, just to show off your versatility! And make people wonder "why?"