Knitting in New York

Dear Knitters,

I've been working in Washington DC and enjoyed the delights of 'Stitch' in Georgetown. I'm now joined by my other half and we're in New York and I was wondering what your recommendations are for a london knitter like me? I'm only here for a few days and I'd like to get some yarn before I fly home.

Happy knitting all,



Try Knitty City.

It is on West 79th Street between Amsterdam and Broadway on the south side of the street. You can take the 1 train to 79th Street.

And just about two blocks from there is The Yarn Co. It is at 2274 Broadway @ 82nd St. It doesn't open until noon.

Both places have lovely yarn.

I tend to favor Knitty City just because their hours are better for me.

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Habu Textiles ( is in the garment district. They have some *amazing* yarns, but it's not a knitting shop per se - no needles, notions, etc. Just lots of really unusual yarns. And it's *tiny*.

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Many thanks for the suggestions which I'll check out tomorrow. I did come across 'the point' at 37a Bedford Street. It's a coffee, cake and knitting shop with some great wools. I was helped by Josh Bennett who has a knitting book of men's patterns coming out next year called 'Boy Meets Pearl.'

You New York knitters are lucky

All the best