Only 3 Submissions

Hey guys, some of you might remember awhile back I asked for links to your knitting sites and blogs so that I could link to them on my "other men who knit" page. Well I only got 3 links so far. I'd like to add more so if you have a site you would like me to link to related to your knitting please send me your link to

Here is the page where I'm linking your sites.

I may move the links to a page of their own sometime in the near future but for now that is where they are. Happy knitting guys!


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Well, you have me on the list. Just go to my site and look at the blog roll. I have a section where blogs of male knitters are collected. So you can use those.

Oh, and BTW, the link you put on your site to my blog is bad (you've got the "target=" in the the link's not working). Just wanted to point that out so that you could correct it.

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Apparently I missed your first request. My blog is here.

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