Necessary equipment

I was looking through a few things on eBay, and located this piece of equipment, which I feel is very necessary for anyone that handles a bunch of yarn -- and that's just about everyone here!

New Wooden (Birch) Swift Yarn Winder Umbrella Medium
los angeles, CA, United States
US $6.50

That's a very good deal for this item, but take into consideration the shipping to you as well. Don't everyone bid on this and boost the price up too high!! NAYY


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Thank you for the link...I bought some sets of bamboo dp's to try out...

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I LOVE my yarn swift - it's definitely a necessary addition to any knitter's tools -

I am now (after listening to Elem's podcast) thinking about buying a tool to re-hank my balls of yarn - I like the way they look in hanks :)


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Kyle, I use the swift for making hanks of my handspun yarn. Some come with a little handle to turn them, but if not, you can attach one end (on the inside)and turn it easily, winding your yarn into hanks. You can open the swift (depending on style) to whatever size you need. Tie the end to the beginning, if possible; if not, tie the end around the hank and then the beginning around the hank, and if necessary, I will sometimes put in a third piece of yarn in another spot. Then remove and twist and put away! I love the way the hanks all look in a basket, and I can admire my work, until they tell me what they want to be next.
Yes, a swift is a very useful tool -- almost as good as a ballwinder.

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I use our 12 year old son as my yarn swift. Ever since I told him that he can do it better than Dad (my partner in case of any confusion of having 2 fathers) he proudly helps me whenever I have to wind hanks into balls. It keeps him interested in the craft and he loves the feel of the soft knitting wools.

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