Crochet Hooks

I must confess to being very spastic when I try to use a crochet hook. I can inflict far more damage with the bloody hook than I could ever do with a pointy needle. It's no wonder that I took up knitting instead of crochet.

At the NZ Knitters' Weekend, I met Jenny King who is an Aussie crochet designer. She is a lovely person and a fantastic crocheter. She has commissioned her own line of bamboo crochet hooks which are beautiful, and if you must use one, lovely to hold. I ordered and just received mine and I'm so pleased that I thought I'd alert others here about them. The hooks are bamboo with very nice hooks ends. I only use crochet hooks for repairs and have not, until now, found any that I could use easily. Somehow, the hooks are cut just right for me.

So, I biffed the metal and plastic hooks I had in my knitting tool kit and added these lovely wooden hooks. I think it's a bloke thing but I love quality tools!

Have a look at her site; you won't be disappointed:

She is such a great person and talented fiber artist! If you order from her, tell her "Hi!" from me!


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Love your work. Quality tools , the tools of the trade. I have never cared for plastic hooks unless there are these huge hooks, the Tunisian Hooks. I like Metal hooks and needles . I enjoy my wooden hooks and Needles, but I am hard on wood, I have broken two or three hooks ha ha ha, I just superglue them and presto. I love those lighted plastic needles, I may buy a set just to have them and see what they are like.

Glad you stopped by my blog.

Andy from San Francisco

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be sure to check Needlelite

he makes crochet hooks and knitting needles of clear plastic...that light up the entire length.

I completely understand about becoming attached to quality tools. I have a little bone crochet hook (about 8 cm long) that belonged to my great grandmother, and it's the only one I ever use. I also have some of her old steel "knitting pins" (dpn's) that I much prefer to modern aluminum ones.