Real Men Knit video

New video in the works - REAL MEN KNIT!

I am an independent video producer and have decided to concentrate on two of my favorite subjects: knitting and men. I have knitted forever myself and through the years have known one or two men who knit but now that it's a growing past-time and passion for many more and I am excited about exploring it in my part instructional/part inspiration video.

I'm looking for men of all ages and types who might be interested in being interviewed for the video. I am putting together a light-hearted segment of stories, opinions, etc. from men who knit so the more variety I can find, the better. I am in central California and plan to travel around the state in the next few months, as well as a trip to Toronto at the end of this month. Unfortunately my budget is not going to allow me to travel the country state by state, but if I find a proliferation of interesting knitting guys in a particular location, I'll try to get there.

Got any tips on interesting and entertaining personalities of all ages who might be interested in getting involved? I can't promise I will end up using everything I shoot, but the more the merrier at this point. The DVD will be packaged with some wonderful 100% wool yarn from Philosopher's Wool Company, some circular needles and a pattern for a hat that any beginner can handle. 

Help me convince more men to try it...and knit on! 

Wendy Eidson, San Luis Obispo,


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Heya, Wendy!  We chatted on the phone (I'm in El Cerrito)!  Let me know when you're gonna be up around here, and we can chat in person, too! :D

Hi Technocowboy,

It looks like mid to late October. I've been finding more and more interesting guys to meet with when I come up so I just need to figure out the best dates for all and I'll be there! I'll get in touch with you again soon, as well as the owner of Skein Lane to see if we can shoot in the store.

Thanks for writing.