Socks, sock and more socks!!!

Hey guys,


I'm taking a cashmere sock class this afternoon! I'm a little socks (or double pointed needles) scare anyone else??? Anyway I will report on how it goes and if I will be a sock maker or not!!! If any of you are sock pros I would love to have some feedback.

Happy knitting everyone!


You are a brave man!
 I used double pointed needles twice. The first time with metal needles it was a disaster. the second time with bamboo was fine. Good luck.

Knit away, knit away

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Carry on Gabriel.  I love using dp needles , preferably the bamboo and sometimes the casein ones.  I learned to knit socks several years ago from Diane Menilla at Downtown Yarns in NYC.  It was a great class and I have probably knitted two dozen since then.  I go on sock knitting binges where I will do them one right after another and then stop and get back to the larger projects at hand.  Although I always have a sock project going - just not always working on it religiously.  They are great for travel knitting, as they don't take up much space.

Warning - sock knitting is addictive (LOL) as if knitting and acquiring stash is not.  I have a hamper that is just full of sock yarn (including 30 skeins of Lorna's Laces yarn).  In the true tradition of the yarn harlot, I could never show anyone my entire stash, as I would have to kill them.

Another suggestion about knitting socks, as I have not done the magic loop or knit both at once on two circulars - when you finish the one sock, immediately begin the next one, or you could end up with too many singular sensations.

By the way, on a wet day, damp day, very cold day, hand knit socks are such a joy to wear and an act of love to oneself.


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Socks don't scare me, but ca$hmere socks make me a little nervous.  Haha.  Sounds so decadent.   I've got some cashmere from a thrift store sweater I unravelled and I've been trying to decide how to use it. 

Did you already take the class, Gabriel?  If you haven't already gotten them, I'd recommend investing in some short double pointed needles.  Sometimes they are even called sock needles, but of course they are great for lots of other projects (baby booties knitted flat or in the round, gloves and mittens) and the shorter length makes them easier to work with.  Double pointed needles can take a bt of getting used to, especially the first round, but once you've got a couple of rows on the needles and figured out the most comfortable place to point everything, it's not bad.  They look more complicated than they are.  For me, they are part of the fun of knitting socks!

I love double pointed needles.  My first project ever was a dishcloth knitted with Lion Kitchen Cotton, my second was a sock on double points.  I like bamboo needles, too, for the asthetics, but can't work as fast with them as I can with metal.  Has anyone tried the Magic Loop method.  I just recently bought the little book, and a 40" circular needle but haven't started yet.  I was a little disappointed after I got the book home.  I had read somewhere that you can use the method to knit 2 socks at once, which is why I wanted to try it.  But she doesn't explain that it in the book.  I'll have to figure it out myself, I guess.