What is a group of knitters called? "A _________ of knitters"

6% (9 votes)
1% (2 votes)
5% (7 votes)
7% (10 votes)
30% (43 votes)
7% (10 votes)
3% (5 votes)
14% (20 votes)
8% (12 votes)
3% (5 votes)
7% (10 votes)
7% (10 votes)
Total votes: 143


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A gaggle. :-)

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Hi Guys,
I sais a round of Knitters as there sitting a circle knitting on there project . Have a nice day

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I've always thought "skein", but agree "Tangle" might be appropriate.

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I have heard some people refer to a group of knitters as a "whack" of knitters. Don't really understand why though. I think it was coined by stephanie pearl mcphee: the yarn harlot, though I like the word "Tangle" much much better.

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I would like to suggest a knoodle of knitters, perhaps for no other reasons than that I like alliteration, and knoodle (noodle) suggests tangle.

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Flock. Definitely a flock. Like hens. Because, damn, we get squawky when we get together. :)

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I voted 'other' as a group of Frogs (which we all do) is an Army of Frogs but interestingly enough a bunch of Toads is a 'knot' I would also say An Asylum of Knitters could also be appropriate.

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I said "obsession" (even though it's not too grammar friendly) because anything knitting is an obsession

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I like Stash of knitters. We refer to our collection of yarn, etc., as stash, so why not a collection of knitters?



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I actually voted for "tangle", but I must agree with Artemis, it should, indeed, be a "stash of knitters"!! Because, correct me if I am wrong, but, for the most part, we are "stashed" away in our homes, knitting... just as our stashes of yarn are "stashed" away in our homes (in my case, in various places in my home because there is so much of it!).

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A "T" party!
Loves ya!

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Love the idea of a "tangle" of knitters. I think it should be adopted as the new term for our "herds." lol

tangle is the catchiest, but it sortof sounds like arms and legs and knitting needles all tangled up with the yarn.... sortof porny...

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I second "a gaggle," which I have heard more than once referring to knitters, but I don't know where.



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I'd have to agree with Robert. An obsession knitters.

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A knot of knitters...

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I don't know what you'd call 'em... but you put a whole group of knitters in a room together and boy, can they 'spin a yarn'.......


Grace and Peace,

I think that since knitters and fibre artists alike like to hoard and hide their stash then we should be referred to as a "scurry", which is in reference to a group of squirrels. Ever hear the racket a scurry of squirrels make when they get together or try to steal from one another's stash? It's awful. Not unlike knitters.



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When I read the question, my initial thought was gaggle! Can't say why. It just sounded appropriate in my head! I think Tangle is much better!

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Wow - this has been going around for a while! I voted "tangle" because we already have a meaning behind "stash". Very interesting indeed gnewgknitter!

Hugzzz 8-)