We're on TV

My episode of Knitty Gritty just aired and this site got mentioned! I wasn't sure if it would make it through editing, and, luckily it did.

KG found me—thanks to Wendy Eidson's documentary Real Men Knit documentary. And Wendy found me and other knitters here via MenWhoKnit.

Let this be yet another thank you to Darrel for making a home for us online!


technocowboy's picture

Yay for you! Yay for the shameless MWK plug! WOOT! *glitter-confetti*

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I actually watched this today when I was at home for lunch. When it first started I remember thinking "Thank god they have men on this time. It's been a while." Then she mentioned your blog when she introduced you and I recognized it. And then the MWK plug there at the end.
Good job representing the community here!


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My life is a Craft, not a blog.