NEW Knitting Needle CAME OUT!!!

I just checking my email...I got a email from "Knitting Zone" online yarn store! They have really really good NEW Knitting came out! It named "Fine needle" It is great for socks knitting and lace! The name is the NEW knitting needle is "HiyaHiya" only selling in this place so.... Go order and see what you think!(I just order mine!) Size is 0 to 5 needle(circular needle) size and 20in, 24in, 32in and double pointed needles is 0. 00. 000. 000. it's 4 in needle. It is really really hard to find the 00 size right in US! Iam great to find the 00 size dpn!
Website is and past)

Check it out!


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That's awesome, however, after using a set of size 0 my limp-ass'd wrist would be stiffer than...


I SO envy those that can knit with 'em... I'll stick to my 6s and 7s and... I really saying size DOES matter???


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For does Lace knitter need! .....because for lace knittering required fine 0, 00, 000 size needle for complicated lace pattern for knitting! Just let you know!

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*sigh* lace knitting does NOT require the fine and superfine needles. *SOME* lace does. I have knit perfectly good lace on size 10.5 US needles. My **"STANDARD"** lace needle is a US 8.

the smallest needles I've done any real lace project on was US 4's

MMario - Can anybody tell me what year it is?

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

So... just out of curiosity... what makes these needles so great?
How are they different than the other needles out there?