My sweater

I'm just coming up to the 1 year anniversary on this fairisle sweater. It's slow going, especially since I haven't touched it in months - I'm working on a pair of thrummed mitts right now. Here's a peek at the sweater - I love the colours. It's a kit from The Philosophers Wool Company in Inverhuron Ontario.


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I like their method of 2-handed woven stranded knitting. Can you please tell us more about their knitting wools? I like the design and colours of your garment; is it in their book?

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I met Eugene and Ann at their farm last year. They have single handedly changed the wool market in Ontario. Farmers were getting 2 cents per pound and now with the help of Philosophers Wool they're receiving up to 2 dollars per pound.

The wool is excellent. It's like an Aran wool, it could be used for weaving or for heavier garments and because of the excellent environment in Ontario, typically lots of rain, green pastures, and very cold in the winter, the sheep get fat, the wool is healthy and thick, and warm.

I don't know if it's in their book - I haven't got it. But it's called the Timberframe pattern. Ann put the kit together and gave me instructions on how to make it. It's quite odd. There's no tension requirements. You start with the sleeves, then taking measurements of your tension from the sleeves you make the body. It's knitted completely in the round.

One thing about this sweater, the white is through the entire garment. It makes the sweater double thick and warm and a bit stiff. However, the colours are magnificent.