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For those who don't already know, you can get knitting and crocheting books at amazon for really cheap. A few days ago I was bidding on the Vogue Hat's book...... I'm sure you all know which one...... it's the one with the beautiful crocheted bucket hat on the cover............ anyway I don't remember the exact name of the book.......... but....... I got outbid for the book at over $12.00 and I was going to bid again but then I thought.... let me check out amazon and see what price they have for a new book.... So I went to amazon and amazingly enough I found the book at a discount and brand new for only $6.22 plus shipping for a total of around $10.50 or so....... and what was really cool about it was that I was able to make the purchase for the book using my cellphone.... I love technology.... and knitting.... and crocheting... YAY..... ok I'm through babbling now *cheesy grin*


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I do the same David. There is no sense on outbidding for something when you canget it in amazon. I get a lot of my books from second hand if possible, otherwise , there is no choice I may buy it new lol!

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I always check out amazon first prior to bidding on ebay. I just won 3 knitting book auctions but all are out of print books and I paid less than on amazon. Thanks for this advice.

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