Light at the end of the tunnel!

I can see the light. It's getting so close I can nearly walk thru it. I'm sure you know the one I'm talking about, the light at the end of the tunnel telling you that you are almost done with a difficult or long project. In my particular case I'm nearly done with a 'slightly modified" version of a Gansey sweater from Beth Brown-Reinsel's book Knitting Gansey's. I made a few changes from her original designs to fit my bizzare tastes. But as I can tell that's what making a Gansey is all about, making one different from the last one you made. The kids and wife have already gotten in line for any future ones I crank out as well. Though I hope to do the next one in something more traditional than Lion Brand. I was thinking something more like Poppletons, but please comment if you know anything better to do a traditional "Seamans Iron" Gansey in.

I'm also rather pumped up that the stockpile of Tivoli Celtic has come in for me to work on the next big project, a self designed Aran sweater. This sweater is actually coming in 4 sepereate designs. One for myself and a smaller and slighly modified version for my toddler son, So I am decreasing the cable and centerpeice designs to fit him. Also my wife is getting one, but with a few more feminine changes from what we are referring to as the "boy's sweaters", and also a smaller version of this one for my daughter.  I can hear the Size 8 needles cackling with laughter as I contemplate this. Or is that the online broker of Tivoli Celtic Aran?

I still think I need a few sheep in the backyard. Unfortunately I dont think my neighborhood council will buy that they are just "furry watchdogs".

And if you have made it this far, a question for you. For those of you who knit on the go, from place to place, what are you using for a good "Men's" knitting bag. Everyone I see on the market seems to be made to look like a efemminate purse. Lately I have been using an old gym bag. Great to fit a sweater in, but notions and needles are proving to be a problem. Any ideas on what I could change to?


I just love Jo Sharp yarn for my traditional sweaters. She has a lot of great colors that suit a man nicely.

As for a knitting bag, I've been using a tool bag for years that I got at one of those mega home improvment stores. It's called a Gate Mouth by BucketBoss. I like it because there are lots of pockets inside and out. I store my circs, dpns, stitch holders and the like in these pockets and then there is still lots of room inside for projects.

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The Jo Sharp yarns are a good idea.  I have always enjoyed working with her yarns.

Also consider Bemidji - good weight and male colors; Chester Farms which can be purchased at some stores and certainly the Sheep and Wool festivals makes great sweaters.  And when at a loss, don't forget Cascade 220; even comes in Superwash which would be good for the kids.

Congratulations on modifying the pattern to fit your creative eye.  That is one of the joys of knitting - throughing it up in the air and unventing the pattern.