selecting a spinning wheel

I am about to buy my first spinning wheel - thinking of getting the Kromski Minstrel - and I wanted to find out if any of you have any input regarding wheel selection :)

any help is (as always) appreciated!



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I absolutely love my Kromski spinning wheel. It was easy to assemble and I've been spinning with it now for nearly 2 years. I take her apart every now and then, keep her well oiled and she keeps spinning.

I personally still have a lot to learn. Sometime in the near future, I'm going to set it up using the Scotch Tension (which you may want to start with). Right now, it is just by adjusting the staff itself that I adjust tension.


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Hi Kyle,

For what's it's worth, I have a Louet S10 and have been spinning with it for over twenty years now without a single hitch.

Jonathan in DC

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thanks for the input - I like the look of the kromski wheel - but I hear lots of good things about the louet s10.... I'm going to not make a decision until I have met with the folks at the spinning studio to hear their input and to try out some of the wheels there...

I must say, however, I'm about 99% sure I'll be owning a minstrel in the next few weeks....



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Sorry, I don't have much input other than congratulations on the decision and good luck finding what you will...

I use a drop spindle.


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Yep, trying out a few different ones is your best bet. Your height, the wheel's height, how you sit, etc - all important variables.
Let us know which one you choose!