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Welll I guess it's time to introduce myself! Hi, I'm Zach and I live in Ohio. I'll be 21 in Oct. and I'm going to school for biology. I have known how to knit for several years now, ever since my grandma taught me back when I was in like 10 th grade. But recently I think I've become addicted. I can't stop making stuff. Here lately I've made two pairs of the medallion mitts from Knitting with Balls and the "Mobius" scarf in that book. I'm also working on a black and white striped v-neck sweater vest, and going to attempt my first sock. (OooooOoooo!) Will see how that goes. I also recently made several baby hats and a teddy bear my boyfriends sister who is due in Oct. I would post pictures but my camera is being stupid and won't read the memory card so it looks like I might need to get a new one. A future project in mind is going to be a Chu'llu hat for my boyfriend. Although I can't find any patterns I like online so I think I'm just going to adapt one because he wants it to be pointy! Any suggestions on how to do this? I think just adding extra rows between the decrease row in the round patterns would work and then maybe a few more decrease rows would do it. Ok, well I guess that's all for now. I'll try to get some picks posted once my camera decides not to be a butt any more!

Ok, I got my camera to work and here's some pics! Yay!

Image icon "mobius" scarf1.15 MB
Image icon mitts 11.77 MB
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I'm certainly no pro, but that sounds like it would work. And it'll probably look incredible, now that I think about it. Good luck. Can't wait to see it in action!

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Hey Zach, welcome. Look forward to seeing pix of your knitting. Enjoy the site.

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Hi Superi,

Welcome to this site!

Elizabeth Zimmerman has a Chullu-like hat in her Knitting Almanac book - I've made several of them years ago. They're a lot of fun to make, and that book is pretty much a classic and well worth adding to your library, or looking for it at your public library.

Good luck!
Jonathan in DC

Think less, enjoy it more.

Think less, enjoy it more.

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Did you knit that beautiful beanie?

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Nope, sorry... Mr. JCPenney did.


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Welcome, welcome...

You do good work, from what I see.

You'll like it here...these guys are pretty decent folk.


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Great photos but a bit large, LOL -- do you think you could post them in a smaller size?
What yarn did you use for the mitts? Great colors. (And great jeans!)

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