Finger weight/sock weight yarn

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I live in the midwest and there's only a few stores around where I can find yarn. I'm having trouble finding the lighter weight yarns like DK or sock weight yarn. I've looked at like Hobby lobby, Jo Ann's, Crafts 200 and Walmart and Meijers and can't find any. So I was wondering where do you guys find your yarn. I would like some reasonable priced one's probably acrylic. I just can't see paying 5 dollars on 50 grams of yarn. I just want some i can try out and won't feel bad if I screw it up.

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Treat yourself to some decent're worth it! has VERY innexpensive yarns,,,but they're good.

Knitting with nice yarns is much more pleasant and rewarding...

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For real, though. Bill is super correct. I knitted with yarns I found at Hobby Lobby and Jo-Ann, and only a couple of brands were worth a damn, in my book. If you're a serious knitter, set aside some money so you can buy the better, higher-quality yarns. You will totally kick yourself for "settling" for some of those nasty yarns from Wal*Mart and other giant retailers. Look around to see if there's a local yarn shop in your area. You can usually find a good sale bin in them, and it's almost always yarn that's still high-quality but just not great sellers. You can use some of these as practice skeins, especially since it's highly likely they're odd-ball colors.

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I buy almost all of my yarn online. I definitely second the recommendation for, and third the recommendation that you buy quality fiber. If you are going to spend hours and hours making something, it only makes sense to start with the highest quality materials.

It says in your profile that you're in Springfield, Ohio. Assuming that is correct, I found one yarn store in that area. I have no personal experience with it, but it is certain to have better stuff than the chain stores you mention.


If you're willing to drive a bit, there is a longer list of Ohio yarn stores where I found that store.

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search the internet find a yarn that sounds yummy and just buy it. I have the same problem and you know when you buy the yarn if it doesnt fit your project put it a way and one day it will tell you what it wants to be.

ok that sounded weird but -----well it was true

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ebay also great...Buy used one for even new one sales for cent!

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I agree with YugiDean. I say buy a couple cheapie skeins to practice with, but savge up for nice yarn for the finished piece. After all that work its a shame to have a large piece of beautifully knitted crappy yarn...

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I now buy all my yarn at (and my needles, too.) Great yarn. Great prices. My advice -- go for wool (or alpacha, or cotton or some other natural fiber). It's much kinder to your hands while knitting and yields a much better knitted item.

Each time I place an order, I order a single skein of one or two or three yarns I haven't used yet. Plus I bought all the color cards of the yarns I might use someday so I can see the colors and get a feel for the yarn.

Right now I'm using their Palette fingering weight yarn and their Memories fingering weight yarn. Palette is $1.99 US for a 50 gram ball and it's 100% wool. I think they are discontinuing the Memories yarn line which makes me very sad. Love the colors -- so I'm starting to hoard it before it's all gone.