Little sweaters

Little sweater

Here's a little sweater that I just finished.  It's knitted up in a sport weight yarn from Brown Sheep.  It's actually a bit smaller than the it's supposed to be, as I forgot to switch to the larger needles when I finished the collar ribbing.  I ended up knitting the whole thing on size 1 needles and added a couple of rows to each sleeve and three rows to the overall length to compensate.  The sleeves look a bit wierd to me...I'm thinking they might be better without the bit of ribbing at the cuffs.

The pattern starts at the collar and ends at the waist.  The ribbing was looking a bit stretched out and not very ribbing-like when I finished, so when I worked in my loose ends I threaded them through the ribbing and pulled tight to draw in the ribbing a bit.  Looks much nicer.

The free pattern is available from HeartStrings FiberArts.



That is so cute. Anthropologie sells a similar item on a tiny hanger for a Christmas tree decoration.
 I'm knitting tiny Christmas trees to put on the front of my Christmas cards. Alas I am not savvy enough to upload pictures to show on here. You can see them though on

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I'm thinking I'll fashion some little hangers, too.  I stuffed a little magnet up inside the sweater and had it on the fridge for a while.