Long Weekend

Well I am packed up and ready to go for my Labor Day weekend adventure. Not much of an adventure mind you, just a drive up to Cape Cod to hang out with Sweetie's parents and her sister. The drive should be fun, nothing like 95 on a holiday weekend. I have my Ipod packed with songs, and my bag packed with knitting.

I have more knitting projects than clothes it seems. I have packed my second Irish Hiking Hat (awesome pattern Handy Andy TYVM) in green Donegal tweed. Stunning I might have to whip one up for myself; my sock of the un-knitting gnomes in hopes of finishing it so I can start another pair of socks for my sailing friend as well as my vest which needs finishing, some crochet and a zipper. Compact be damned I am glad we are renting a Mid-Sized car because I will be putting my afghan project in the mix as well (if I can find some #10 needles)

I have also asked to go to the LYS up there, so I am sure I will return with MORE knitting than I left with; wonderful this sport of ours, just wonderful.

So all that is left to do is take a quick nap (I will be the primary driver so I like to be well rested) and then off to the wilderness we go. Well, not wilderness so much as a place with stars at night and no tall buildings around; there are paved roads with signs.

Have a great weekend y’all

Happy Knitting


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Have a wonderful time...
I remember the Cape from my childhood.
I start back at the Opera house tonight...so it's a working weekend.

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Hope you had a great weekend - I did; but I was only oin the Cape between - oh, 9 pm and 9 am-ish over friday, saturday and sunday nights - because I spent my days off-cape at the Ren-faire in Carver. Didn't hit traffic at all, but boy were the OTHER lanes congested!!!!!
I-95 is nothing but a long thin parking lot.

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Great new picture, Mario!