how much yarn is too much?

care to take a guess at how many skeins of yarn I have in my stash?

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and post your entry in the comments... the commenter with the closest guess is going to win a prize :)

Happy Labor Day!



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You have a lot of yarn, but it's nothing compared to this woman...

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How do you post a comment?


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if you click at the bottom of that entry, there's small print that tells you how many comments have been entered - click there, and it'll bring up a comment window where you can post your reply - take your guess and lets see how close you get....

I did the sorting on Saturday - and now I know now many I have :)



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My wife would absolutely kill me.... (Good thing she ALREADY doesn't know how much I have "stashed" away in various closets and bags!) :-)

Grace and Peace,

I really have not got the faintest idea, so this just a wild guess...

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I'm going to guess 450 full skeins.

My stash isn't nearly as large. We live in a small house and I am a neat freak. Okay, it's an OCD. I MUST have order EVERYWHERE in my house. My relatively small stash (less than 30 full skeins) is limited to one side of the closet in my office at home. I have a couple of medium-large bags full of wool, a couple of smaller bags on top of those, and a small plastic four drawer storage unit next to them that holds my needles in the small top drawers and yarn in the bottom two. I also have a basket full of remnants, and a basket full of novelty yarns for special things (usually for the dogs). Books and binders full of patterns occupy the shelf on top of the closet. Really, some of you all would look at it and say "That's it? Rreally?" I don't have the patience or attention span for large projects, so most of my stash is just two or three skeins (four tops) of yarn that I find REALLY stands out and speaks to me. I am planning to build shelves on the side of the closet dedicated to yarn storage to make expansion of the stash a bit more orderly than just piling bags on the floor or stuffing it into drawers.

We also have a house full of dogs. One of which seems to prefer my bamboo and birch needles ust as much as I do! He also likes to pull apart skeins of yarn if I leave them unattended. I don't think I could ever keep yarn stored anywhere but behind securely closed doors.