Do You Have A Favorite Movie You Like To Watch While Knitting?

This question just came up in my head as I was just getting ready to pop a movie in the dvd player to watch while I work on a new cap I started yesterday. One of my favorite movies to watch when I'm doing some serious knitting is Brokeback Mountain. I have others as well that I like to watch, but something about that movie just makes it really relaxing to enjoy a good film and be happy with my yarn and needles. Maybe it's the music in the movie I like so much or just the whole storyline. I swear I'm gonna know every line in that movie before this year is over. I watch it at least once every week or every other week.

Anyway on to my question...... Do you have a favorite movie you like to watch while knitting?


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Hey David;

SOmetimes it depends what I am looking for, but usually is Sci Fi stuff. For Harry Potter stuff definitely Harry Potter!lol!

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Biannually I rent the entire series of six feet under and "check out" from reality for a couple of weeks with some needles and yarn.

"I'll publish right or wrong; fools are my theme, let satire be my song." --LB

"I'll publish right or wrong; fools are my theme, let satire be my song." --LB

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Most of what I watch is subtitled, and I can't manage to concentrate on both it and knitting at the same time. So, normally it is just music rather than a movie for me.

I enjoy watching re-runs of Bewitched, or other movies that have been out for a long time: Wizard of Oz, Thoroughly Modern Millie etc

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Call me simple but I don't watch TV (don't have one) or videos while knitting. In fact, I rarely listen to music while knitting. I just knit and let my mind wander in which ever direction it chooses.

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I usually pop in some TV series that I have on DVD - Six feet Under, Sex & the City, Heroes, Alias, Desperate Housewives or Grey's Anatomy. One disc typically has about 3+ hours of stuff so I don't have to get up and change it often.

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Dr. Who or Scrubs.

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Armageddon, The Core, The Day After Tomorrow, and any other random disaster movies I get from Netflix.

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"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" the series.

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I love watching the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy while I'm at home for the week and doing anything lengthy and sedentary.

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We are couch potatoes so I will usually knit regardless of what's on TV. The hubby brings home scores of advance copies and screeners from work (95% horror, like our DVD collection). If it's something I really want to see, really want to pay attention to, and not miss one single second of (Doctor Who!!!), I will not knit while watching.

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I like to watch the news while knitting.

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I tend to watch either action-suspense flix (i.e. any of the DieHard or Airport movies, all of which I have seen a dozen times) or nothing at all while I am knitting. I either want the background noice, if it's an easy pattern or making up my own, or complete silence, if I am trying to follow a difficult pattern!


Almost anything old and black and white: The Uninvited, Death Takes A Holiday, The Women (a favorite of mine), or A Letter to Three Wives. And yes, I do know most of the dialog to most of these movies by heart. Do you think I knit too much? Gene

I don't usually knit while watching a movie. I like to pay attention to those. But I do knit all the time while watching a ball game.

I've been turned on to audiobooks while knitting. I've gotten thru the first six Harry Potter books and I'm into the last one now. I kinda go a bit zen and surprisingly I'm not distracted from one by the other.


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I know Brokeback Mountain is really a great movie, and I must admit that I have Ennis and Jack as a screen saver, but it just makes me angry for so many reasons. Favorite movie to watch/listen to while I knit-Persuasion-based on the Jane Austen novel starring Amanda Root and Ciaran HInds.