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Ok, so I'm frustrated right now. I'm looking for a nice and easy ankle sock pattern for men that can be done on either size 1, 2, or 4 dpn's. Over the weekend I picked up some nice fingering weight yarn from an 18th century fair/festival, and I can't find a descent pattern to use them with. I got one skein of a earth green color and a turquoise/aquamarine color. There is 272 yards on each skein of a 2 ply yarn and 4 oz. So if any one knows a good sock pattern it doesn't even have to be ankle length help a fellow out, please!

On a side note: I also saw a drop spindle in one of the shops at the fair and didn't know how they work so I googled it. Now I want one so bad!!!! It's killing me... but maybe I will be able to find one at the Renn Fair I'm going to in Oct. Besides I start back to school tomorrow and I can spend all my time fillandering on a new obsession.


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What about that toe up sock pattern from knitty? Doesn't that allow any gauge? In Ann Budds "Knitters Handy Book of Patterns" she gives sock instructions for pretty much every gauge/needle size...

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Percentage-based Soxs: Toe-Up
Mon, 2006-12-11 18:49

There is a full recipe for toe-up socks that only require 1 measurement and you can make the ankle as long or short as you want. And since you won't have to drag around a pattern, you can take it anywhere with you. How Fab is *that*?
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