Socks Yarn Dyeing CLASS is HERE!

Hey Guys~~ I have a announce to make!
Iam teaching a "SOCKS YARN DYEING" class Saturday, NEXT week Sep 15, 11 to 6pm at
HISSY KNIT(On new yarn shop Location in LA)
1601 N. Avenue 55, Los Angeles, CA 90042
(323) 550-8960 or (818) 550-9276

VISIT here more info about the class and NEW Hissy Knit pic website:
http://www.hissykni htm
$40 for two skein of fingering weigt total 880 yd(440yd each) and dye
and materials!

The process is a lot less messy than most people think, since the dye
is hand painted on.

If your in LA area, what to take a "Socks Yarn Dyeing" class please call Annie
at the shop (818) 550-9276. or email me at "Artistwon662002@" Ann and I appreciate being notified ahead of time if you
are planning on attending one of our events or classes.

MORE INFO PLEASE Visit my knitting blog at http://charleslifeknitting.blogspot. com/


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Love your yarn dyeing, I want to take a class, now, maybe you can do a U-Tube demo.!!! wearing your cute hat!