Knit Picks changeable WOOD needles

just got my changeable wooden needle tips and wood DP's from KnitPicks.
They're called "Harmony" needles. with the Options cables...

Laminated layers of colours...
...but I'm noticing the grain at the tip is snagging fibre...even though they're heavily filled with resin...

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Thanks for the review of the wood Options needles. I was thinking about ordering some but will hold off for now. Of course, I love the nickel plated Options needles as I've said many times before.

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I got both DP's and far only one tip has snagged...I put drops of clear nailpolish on them...

but the needles ARE great fun... and cheap enough to try them....

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I've just tried my first KnitPicks classic circular needle and I think it is great, they have only become available in Australia in recent months. The nickel plated points are so good to use.

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These came out just a couple of days after I placed my order for the yarn for the knit-along (still waiting on it, curses). I probably would have added a couple to the order to try them out, but as it is it will have to wait until the next order I make. I doubt they will replace my fondness for the nickel-plated ones, but it would be worth knitting with them from time to time just because they look so attractive.

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I'm hoping that they next come out with some nice, natural hardwood needles. I think a set of Options in a beautiful, elegant rosewood would be awesome!!! Hmm, but then that odd, berry-colored cable would have to go as well. Rosewood and that berry-colored cable....yuck! A solid black would be better.

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I would send off an email telling them which needle is giving you problems. They will most likely send you a replacement. A friend of mine had that happen when she had a bad cable from her Options set.

I might try a set next time I place an order, whenever that might be, just to try them out. I like the nickel plated, but the sharp tip actually bother me as I tend to push my stitch of the left needle by pushing the tip. Those "sharp tips" that they tout really to irritate you finger after a while. And it's a knitting habit I just can't seem to break.

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I would definitely let them know about it. I know a couple of people who have them and they've reported them being smooth as glass so you probably got a defect.


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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I did call Knitpicks...and the Harmony wood needles are backordered until October...I know of several broken needles, now...
...wood is a variable...