Reading patterns

I'm just curious about reading patterns. At this point I haven't a need to as I am just working on my first project (a scarf) but I have great goals set for myself for the future. I am planning on taking a class after the first of the year but thought I would just check to see if there are any suggestions for an easy way to learn to read knitting patterns. Thanks for your help. I'm really enjoying this knitting.



Hi there,
I often find that a pattern does not make sense until I' m making it. I can read a pattern and think that I understand it then when it comes to it I have to figure out what it means. Several of the yarn stores here in Manhattan have been very helpful and there are some websites that are useful for one
Good luck and if you get stuck ask on here and someone will help you or suggest something. Hey we are all in this together guys! 

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Hello Elad,

The most challenging things I've found about patterns are new techniques and unfamiliar abreviations. Since your wife is teaching you to knit, hopefully you have a good reference book or two around. Good reference books will help you feel more comfortable with knitting jargon, and therefore instill some confidence, which is all you really need to tackle a pattern.

If all else fails, someone around here should be able to help you with any specifics.

Good luck,


     Google and are really good resources for finding out what abbreviations mean and how to do new techniques. GOOD patterns will have different sections labeled to tell you where you are, and listings of abbreviations used.

     If you are a visual person, it may help out if the first few patterns you read through you map out on graph paper. 1st row is at the bottom from right to left, 2nd is the next row up from left to right, and so on. You don't NEED to do this, but it can get your brain started on processing the written instructions into visual ones and you will learn to understand what is happening as you read a pattern.