NEW Men Knitting Book!

Hey everybody!
I just youguys let you know, I just got my NEW Men Knitting book Called "The Knitting Man(ual)"
by Kristin Spurkland.
I really like this book so much, one of best men knitting book I never seen since published another men knitting book. Before this man knitting book came out..there is two knitting book such as "Never Knit Your Man a Sweater" by Jusith Durant and "Men Who Knit & The Dogs Who Love Them" by Annie M. and Drew Emborsky. Does books are so bored and patterns are so oldish..I mean box style sweaters and just simple scarf.
Krstin Spurkland She did great job on Man(ual)! I really like the pattern and photos are great! It's stylish and cool wearable for guys and mens, even womens!

More pic of all the patterns on the Maual..I made a post on my Kntting blog so visit my knitting blog more info:


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Don't forget "KNitting With Balls"! This "KNitting Man(ual) looks interesting and I'll definitely check it out!

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I haven't picked this book up yet, but it is on my list of things to get eventually. Thanks for sharing the pictures on your blog... while I don't like all the ones that you do, there certainly seems enough worthwhile in the book to convince me to get it.

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Just recieved a copy of the book today. It's a wonderful addition to any knitters library.

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I just received my copy of this book yesterday. I went through it and was very disappointed. I thought it rather dull and lifeless. I hasten to add that's just my opinion and I know others here like the book. I did rather enjoy the knitter's tattoo and the bloke's story (OK, and the fact we have the same first name!). Even though I feel obligated to support works that promote men's knitting, I thought this book was a waste of my money.

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