Baby Einstein Coat from the Knit Experience

This is the tiny version of the Einstein coat. I did the pattern for a 6mos old baby. (my co-worker had a boy.. figured it was a good excuse to knit.. as if I needed one).

The yarn is TLC Baby - RedHeart. Knit on size 5 needles. I got the coat finished with just one skein, but needed to start on a second skein mid-hood. (360yrd per skein). the color of the yarn is 5040 Bunny Print.

The made only one intentional change to the pattern ( a couple unintentional). On finishing the hood, the pattern says to bind off then seam the bound off edge. I added one extra stitch to the hood to give myself an even number of stitches then kitchnered the seem. I think it looks much tidier.


Ron's picture

Well done! It looks great! Is the color variegated, or is that my screen? It almost looks like it ranges from blue to green? I hope it's the yarn because I love it.

Great job!


VillageKnittiot's picture

There is nothing wrong with your screen.... as far as i know. The yarn is variegated.. there's even a touch of lavender to it as well.