First project

Well, thanks to all the great advice I got (and despite warnings), I have my first project on the needles. I'm working on a basic scarf, and I've got the first three rows finished. It's not perfect, but I'm knitting! Depending on how it looks a little further on, I may change my mind and make it into a pot holder, and start over on the scarf, once my technique is a little better.

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My first scarf was a sampler well before it was a scarf. I had almost every conceivable combination of Knit and Purl and ribbing within about two feet; I had an over/under of about 6 for the proper stitch count and dropped stitches were everywhere. But I loved the scarf, still do. I eventually frogged it down and restarted (several times as I recall now) when I could knit and purl on command in the appropriate places. I love my scarf and I am sure you will love yours as well. Keep at it, but beware scarves are the gateway project; next thing you know you will have an afghan on needles and three WIP's stashed in different knitting locals.

Welcome, and happy knitting.


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heh-heh-heh! The warning worked - in a reverse psychology way! He is doomed now... heh-heh-heh!

Seriously - yes, you can always rip out your first start - or make it into a potholder. I'd suggest the latter - because having that first attempt around in later times can be very encouraging - when you do see how far you have come.

Virtually everyone has a few mis-starts; and g*d knows everyone makes mistakes - the trick is learning to spot them before they are irrepairable!

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Hey Zephry
Although your first rows are not perfrect, just have fun and experiement with the stitch....sometime you come up with some neat patterns that your were not expecting.

My first scarf is full of mistakes but everyone who commented were impressed that I attempted a knitting project. Just have fun!

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Welcome to the fold! (Or perhaps, based on the recent poll about what to call a group of knitters I should say, "Welcome to the tangle!")

Keep at it, and enjoy yourself. As others have said, don't let mistakes get to you, as knitting is supposed to be enjoyable and relaxing, not stressful. At the same time, if you need advice or support, there are lots of friendly and knowledgeable people here that are willing to help.