On The Needles...

Looking back I realized that it has been a year since I've posted to this site. I've been commenting to others, but nothing new myself. So I figured a post of W.I.P.S. would be a good post to break that year with.

So right now, the WIPS I'm working on are:

1. Kool-Aid Crew-Neck: I bought some Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool when a fabric store that was going out of business was closing. Got it for 60 or 70% off, something like that. I also wanted to try my hand with dying with the powdered drink mixes. I dyed 3 skeins of it last last summer, started to work on it and let it sit for months. So now I'm back on it. It's a crew neck design I found in an old pattern book form the 60's, which I've resized with the old reliable Ann Budd book. I'm working in the round, have split it at the arm holes. The back is done, about half way on the front. I've enough to finsh the front but will need to dye more wool for the sleeve.

2. Camel Down Scarf: Last year I went to Kitchener and bought 2 hanks of Camel Down yarn. I'm making a ribbed cable scarf with it. Have knit up the first hank and started the second.

3. Gloves: Last Christmas a bunch of us did s Secret Santa Holiday Exchange. I received a fabulous hank of Mountain Colors hand-painted mohair/wool, which I'm using for the gloves. One glove done, started the 2nd one.

4. School Spirit Sweater: I moved over the summer, so I had to pack up and move the stash. This let me know exactly how much I had, since I had to move it all. So my goal is to use stash.
This past May, at the guild yarn auction, I bought 3 lots of acrylic/wool blends in brown, sand and rust. The rust was a 55/45 blend and knit up to a different gauge than the 80/20. So that became a vest, but I wanted to use the brown and sand. I tried a Fisherman's Rib pattern that I liked, but did not like the results. You could barely see the difference between the yarns. Back to the stash where I found some olive green. I didn't like how the colors looked, but really like the pattern stitch. While looking at the swatch I thought "Hogwarts colors!" Back to the stash I went, pulling the 4 base house colors and some dark grey as a base. I've written up a pattern for my size in a cardigan, have had to work out some kinks as I've gone alone, but it's looking nice. The back is 3/4 done already. The pattern stitch looks difficult, but once you are started it's pretty easy.

My next planned project is a Top-Down Sweater. I took a seminar on it in the spring and would like to try an actual sweater using what I learned. Still have to find something to do with that brown and sand yarn. I've a shawl from this past year's shawl workshop, just don't have knitting 125 points, (10 rows each point, do that math) in me just yet.

Oh! and last, but certainly not least. I'm going to a Wizard Rock musical weekend in October. I'm sharing in a lodge with 10 other people. We are each bringing some little thing for each person: some people write stories, some draw, others do crafty, all Harry Potter related. I'm making knit beer cozies in house colors! Working on the 3rd one... by the 7th or 8th I should be thoroughly sick of making them! LOL!


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Knit beer cozies in house colors? that is AWESOME.

I think I know what to make my Potter-Head friends for Christmas. (oh wait, I dont have that many Potter-Head friends, but still what a cool idea)

I like the idea of a "theme cabin" it sounds like a nice way to have something in common as well as look at new crafts and other new people.

Welcome back


Walrus and Carpenter

HI YarnGuy,

Love the scarf you are wearing in your photo. Did you knit that, or is it woven?



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Thanks, and yes I did knit that scarf. On the Harry Potter Knitting Live Journal there was a discussion about what Dumbledore's scarf would look like and that was my interpretation. It later became a Christmas gift for a friend who loves Harry Potter and the color purple.