Mermaid pattern?

So my roommate is a mermaid fanatic, and I want to make her something nice for Christmas...does anyone know of a mermaid (doll) pattern out there? I've searched around, and the closest thing I found was on Ebay...which I didn't win!


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Well, I couldn't find much for you, but there's this:
A pattern book on eBay that alleges that it includes mermaids.


This pattern book:
Which will most likely contain nothing else you'd ever knit. The only pattern in that book you might be interested in is a huge-ass mermaid tail. You'd have to go to their website to see that, but trust me...unless you don't mind seeing lots of girls in knitted pasties... LOL Oh wait...they posted a pic of it on Flickr. Here you go:

Well, that's all I could find for ya. Sorry!

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It's not knitting . . but still in the fiber arts. Over a year ago, I started doing needle felting. I recently got a needle felting mermaid kit. You can do something similar by knitting whatever you want . . a sweater, scarf, hat, bag etc, and needle felting a mermaid on it. Contact me about it if you want more info.


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check out this site...
they have mermaid patterns...for soft dolls..not knitted...

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Well, I know that alan dart wrote a knitting pattern for "little lorelei the mermaid" in one of the issues of a UK Magazine called simply knitting if that helps any. I believe it was August's issue.

Thank you all so much for your help! I think I can just make up a pattern (we'll see), based on what I've been able to look at. I mean, it can't be more than a tube sock with ta tas, right?

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