Vintage Yellow....stuff...

So, I found a cone of this...'stuff' at Durham's Scrap Exchange, a place where you can get all kinds of random junk and use it creatively. So there I was, this huge spool of yarn-esque material, and a $3 price tag staring back at me. I cracked, I was weak!

Anyway, what the HECK do ya do with this stuff? It's VERY synthetic, kinda stringy, but really strong!

Any ideas? Any suggestions? Anyone want this stuff?

~ Coty

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I say you buy eight more "rolls" and make a hammock!

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Synthetics are nice to make when you need waterproof stuff like a rug, or a soap scrubbie. A hammock is not a bad idea or a seat cover.

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You could always make a couple thousand dishcloths.... :-)

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Rainhat! Or rain poncho!
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Rain gear? a CAPITAL idea! Love it -- really need a hammock since the weather is getting to be SO nice out, but I wouldn't be finished until next year! :) Anyone wanna help out? lol!

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