Gentlemen, your weapon of choice:

49% (50 votes)
42% (43 votes)
Acrylic/ Plastic
6% (6 votes)
Ceramic/ Ivory
2% (2 votes)
I am Chuck Norris. Ninjas knit my garments for me. With the fangs of the Basilisk.
2% (2 votes)
Total votes: 103


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It really depends upon the project and the yarn. I have a collection of both wooden and metal needles, I usually start out using bamboo or wood, but if the yarn is to grabby on those needles I'll switch to metal. The only thing I really don't like about metal needles is the "clicking".

I always thought the best part of using the metal needles is the clicking. It's like using a clackety keyboard, I prefer that than those silent keyboards when typing.

Which of course, drives everyone around you insane. What I don't like about metal needles is how easy it is for you to lose a stitch from tugging a little bit more enthusiastically than usual.

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I usually use wood (or plastic if i dont have my woods w/ on a plane)
but i'v noticed, using the bamboo DPNs i just bought for another project, using Lion Suede, either it's too grabby, or i need to rub the needles w/ wax paper....any help?

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I have some wood needles and I have some bamboo needles - the bamboo gets used only as the "needle of last resort" - they just feel **wrong* - my hands are convinced they are split - though I cannot find any evidence of such. both pairs I have give the same "feel" - they feel as if they "squish" with each stitch.
The wood ones are all dpn's and get used for some small in the round projects and starting some shawls. I get onto my cheap metallic circs asap.

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I love the metallic click, but the slippery part only rarely comes in handy. I use the Denise interchangeable set and like them a lot, but have you guys seen the new KnitPicks rainbow wooden interchangeable set? *drool*

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I like the Harmony needles...but there has been some splintering and breakage...Knitpicks replaced the tips free of charge.
...the colours are really nicer than they appear in print...

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I love metallic needles!

Susan Bates all the way, baby!


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Metal - love the Addi Turbo - can't use Susan Bates because my hands sweat and they cause the yarn to stick. No problems with the Addi Turbo's. Prefer circular over regular.

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DJ For socks Bamboo defintely!


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I was a closet knitter at the start of 2007 and purchased what was available at the local craft store: Susan Bates straights. I finally got the courage to enter an actual yarn store and “out” myself. I bought lots of yarn and a set of “Denise” interchangeable needles. I didn’t think I would like the plastic but really dig them now. In fact, I got a second set at a considerable discount weeks later at a going out of business sale. SCORE. I wanted to purchase “Knit Picks” interchangeable set but the deep-discounted “Denise” was a deal not to pass. I start a number of in-the-round projects on 2 circulars so two sets are very handy. I’ve tried “Crystal Palace Bamboo” and “Plymouth Speedway” circulars in order to try the magic loop method but the method is too tedious for me. I have several sizes of Bryspun double points – GREAT! I prefer Brittany birch cable needles over aluminum. I will occasionally knit small flat projects with bamboo but honestly prefer the “Denise”. I’d still like to try the “Knit Picks” and “Addi Turbo” needles someday. I’ll keep trying new needles because every project and every yarn performs differently depending on the needles.

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Love the KnitPics...and the Addi Turbo's...and when knitting lace - the Addi Turbo Lace ones are fantastic!


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It all depends on the project and the yarn. But I like the way bamboo gets better with age.

I wish I were knitting now.

Most of my needles are bamboo, and I do use addi turbo circulars.
I just bought some Takumi Velvet Needles. They are some of the coolest needles to use! Try them out, they are light and still don't slip, but they are easier to knit with and slide off the needles easier. Especially if you knit on the tight side or doing a lot of yo's and K2Tog etc.