One Project Down... Another Underway...

Hey guys, just popping in for a quick word. I've set aside the knitting needles for a few days to return to a big crocheting project that's been a year in the making. It's a large afghan that I started last winter and then left almost completed for months and months and months as I took up the art of knitting. But the afghan is done now. I made it for my boyfriend, who enjoys when I make afghans because I make them large enough for two people of our height (about 6') to cuddle underneath. I would prop a pic in here, but we have just purchased a house and are currently in the middle of packing everything up for the big move and the camera has already been tucked away in one of the boxes now adorning the walls of our apartment. But now that the afghan is done I am back to work on the throw I mentioned last post... And yeah, this is just your standard-sized throw... I wasn't about to turn this one into a large blanket :) Can't wait to finish the throw so I can start on some hats and scarves since I seem to have lost the ones I made last year...


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make them large enough for two people

anything smaller is just a lap robe, not an afghan (IMHO).

You'd be surprised how quickly a knit afghan can go - even in the ultra-humungous size. Especially a lacy one in something decadent like Kid Silk Haze (and yes, I am speaking from experience) It is also amazing just how warm a lace afghan can be!

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Congratulations on the new home purchase and good luck getting settled in!

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Congrats on the house.... (I admit a little jealousy!)

May it be a blessing for you and yours throughout many years to come (I don't know if this kind of thing floats your boat, but there's a wonderful house-blessing liturgy in the New Zealand Prayer Book....)

Grace and Peace,

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thanks guys!