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This is one of the socks from "Fancy Feet" by Anna Zilboorg, she collected colours and designs from Turkey. She gives a pattern for knitting socks in the Turkish style, but I am using a generic sock pattern using her design and colours.
The wool is Shetland from Jamieson & Smith, the only place I could find the vivid colours she uses. My photo is a little washed out. Needles are 2.75mm.

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as always beautiful work Kerry. Another thing I want to try but have been procrastinating on. Can't wait to see them when they are finished!

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A lovely pattern, Kerry. Do you use anything to reinforce the heel and toe?

They look as if they are going to be great fun to wear! Go for it!

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Wow. I love this pattern. It's time for me to take the plunge and try some of this fair isle type knitting.