Silk shawl blocked

I finally got around to blocking the shawl I posted recently. There is a detail of the point attached.

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Lovely. Quite lovely. Thanks for posting the shawl after being blocked. I want to reach out and touch it. It must feel great.

Kerry (and others)...I wish words could explain the beauty of the work. But alas...I end up saying the same stuff. So...from now on....if you read "inspiring," "beautiful" and the like...know I truly mean it (sincerely)! I guess I can only say it so many times but many of you are inspiring to me.

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What a delicious work of art, Kerry. The colour is so cool. I love everything about it.

Truly inspiring! WOW!

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Unbelievable! Well done, you! I, too, am happy that you posted a photo of the shawl after it was blocked. I just can't get my head around how stunning this is!

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This is fabulous Kerry. Thanks for posting after blocking. Lucky recipient.

Nothing less than a verifiable Confection. Looks like the candle flame pattern out of Walker's 2nd Treasury which, if I remember correctly, is something like 24 lines long. Is that the pattern you used?

Regardless, it's perfection. Except for that dropped stitch just inside the border's selvedge edge on the left side . . . .

JUST KIDDING ! ! ! ! =^D It's wonderful and congrats to you!
~Mike in Tampa
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As if it didn't look good enough without the blocking! Cherry leaf pattern, yes? It appears to have opened up quite a bit, despite being silk.

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Truly amazing! The recipient must feel really happy receiving this kind of gift.

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How lovely! And light as a feather, I bet. What's silk like to knit with? Asplund

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Thanks to everyone who has commented. One of the advantages we receive in a group like this is the encouragement of our peers, and hopefully to encourage others to try something they think may be beyond their skills.

How beautiful!! Inspiring and, well, I second Tucker's sentiments.

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You're a master knitter!!! Kerry once again you have produced a piece of work that is both beautiful and inspiring.