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Hello All!
I just wanted to say 'Hi!" I've been poking around here for a few days and this seems like a really great and friendly site! I'm just getting back into knitting after a little departure, the most I've ever really made has been simple garter stitch scarfs. However I've got a pretty good knowledge of textiles and sculpture. I've spent the past few weeks reading any resources I can get my hands on, refreshening my memory, and learning a ton of great stuff!!! Now it's just time to put it all into practice and continue learning along the way.

I was wondering if yall could help me in my search to purchase some new needles, notions and yarn. There are a few good LYS here, but as far as what type of needles, etc. Suggestions? ... Oh yeah, and I need a project! .. I'm thinking about being a late arrival in the scarf project, I want a bit of a challenge to myself with some fun texture or color use, haha but probably not both. Ideas, patterns?

Hope all is well!
Peace n Love,

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Welcome. Hope you enjoy this site as much as I do. Lots of great people here who are always willing to lend their expertise and ideas. I do almost all of my knitting on circular needles even something as simple as a straightforward scarf. I like the way a project rests in your lap when using circular needles rather than hanging on one needle or the other as when using straight needles. My needles of choice -- KnitPicks Options circular needles. Though you might find them slippery when using some yarns especially if you're a loose knitter. See KnitPicks Options circular needles NOTE: I didn't buy the whole Options set. I just bought the points in the sizes I usually use (#7 - #11) and bought a variety of cable lengths (I mostly use the 40" and 60" cables since I'm addicted to shawl knitting at the present time.)

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I'm partial to the KP Options myself. I bought the set and do almost all of my knitting on them. I've been thinking about ordering a set of their new Harmony needles as well.


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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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Hi YahMez ^_^

A warm welcome from one "knewbie" (I like that…) to another!! This is an awesome site. All the guys here are very helpful and encouraging; it's a great environment to be in!! Anyway, I'm glad to hear you're picking up knitting again. It is a very rewarding endeavor. It can be both relaxing and exciting and, once a piece is finished, there's a sense of accomplishment - at least for me.

Scarves are always a wonderful project. They are especially great for beginners and those getting back into knitting after some time away. Besides allowing you to play around with a lot of basic techniques, scarf projects can go very quickly, getting you to that sense of satisfied completion sooner than say...a sweater ~_^

As far as some interesting, yet easy, scarves to start with, I have a few ideas...

1. If you want to play around with color, try doing a simple garter stitch scarf using two kinds of yarn at once. I like the combination of some worsted weight yarn combined with a mohair in a coordinating color. Using some US 11 needles, cast on 18-24 stitches holding both yarns together as if they were one strand of yarn. Then just knit away until you've reached your desired length. 200 yards of each should make you a decently sized scarf.

2. If you want to try playing around with some texture, you could try some ribbing. You could use some bulky or super bulky yarn and US 13 needles. Just cast on some multiple of 4 plus two extra stitches to get the desired width; I would suggest 22 stitches. Then just alternate between knitting 2 stitches and purling 2 stitches until you reach the end of the row; the row should end with 2 knit stitches. On the next row, just reverse the pattern, starting with purling 2 stitches then knitting 2 stitches until you reach the end of the row; the row should end with 2 purl stitches. In other words, knit your knits and purl your purls. Just continue alternating between the two different kinds of rows, until you reach the length you desire. Again, 200 yards of each should make you a decently sized scarf.

3. Alternatively, you could try the seed stitch. Using some bulky yarn and fairly large needles, cast on any number of stitches. Then just knit 1, purl 1, knit 1, purl 1… and so one until you get to the end of the row. On the next row, reverse the stitches, purl your knits and knit your purls. Again, just continue alternating rows until you scarf is the length that you like.

Anyway, sorry about the long response but I hope that it helps. Good luck with your knitting adventures!! ^_^


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I also highly recommend the Knitpicks Options needles...but if you're a brand new might be happier with bamboo...the stitches won't slide off your needles as easily...when you don't want them to... (grin)

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Thanks so much! You guys are the best!

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Don't Stop Knit It Knit It!

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Hi and welcome! I'm fairly new here too - and happy I joined the party! There are lots of free patterns at you might be interested in.

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Truth be told, most garter stitch projects end up starting out as a square or rectangle, and then by either piecing them together or shaping them with increases and decreases in the right places, you can make ANYTHING.

Read Elizabeth Zimmermann. She is the goddess of knitting and she'll give you the confidence to just pick up the needles and yarn, cast on and knit -- knit what? Knit anything.

When you have knitter's block, just summon her from the ethers (or at least from the bookshelf) and you'll be knitting away in no time!

She also has/had in life this thing for the garter stitch.

Other materials, I couldn't be of any help, because, I generally keep to my size 7s and yarn comes in ALL flavours, styles, shapes, thicknesses, textures, and so, it would be up to you to hear the yarn "speak" to you and tell you what that lonely skein wants to be made into.

...just my bit of input, besides saying welcome to a wicked awesome group.


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Welcome! I'm new here myself, and just a bit of advice, careful of this bunch, they'll be encouraging you until you've knit yourself a new wardrobe, a car cover, and when you're exhausted from that, silk sheets to sleep on. I've been in more than a few groups, but never a more friendly or talented group of knitters. If you want help, encouragement and inspiration, you've come to the right place.

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they'll be encouraging you until you've knit yourself a new wardrobe, a car cover, and when you're exhausted from that, silk sheets to sleep on

Don't exaggerate - we usually allow *TWO* weeks for that. Then comes the house cozy (reduces heating costs) and the knit garden landscape.

BTW - YahMez - it's not quite "local" But 'Elegant Needles' in Skaneateles is having 20% to 50% off sale on everything in stock prior to a construction project. Might well be worth a trip for you. It's not a bad drive from Rochacha especially in leaf-peeper season.
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Two weeks? OMG I've fallen behind! I blame Asplund for posting that site! I did manage to get two projects off the sticks this week though! Ok Ok OK, I admit, I only got them finished because I felt guilty about starting another project before finishing something, But, I DID finish!


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