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I was wondering what knitting software, if any, people out there are using. I'm currently playing around with Sweater Wizard. I've knit a couple of simple sweaters from patterns I've developed using the program. I've had some issues with sizing which I'm attributing to 'user error' since I'm still building my knitting chops. Overall I like the flexibility and I feel like I'm learning something about design surreptitiously while I learn how to knit.

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Can you describe the software a bit- I'm interested but would like to know more before I take the plunge. Thanks,


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I've included some screenshots from the software to give you a taste of how it works. The first three images are the forms where you input the specifications for your sweater and then the final image is the pattern that the program spits out.

Also, here's a link to the website:
Sweater Wizard

(Click on the images to goto flickr where you can zoom in)

step 1
step 2
step 3