The Agony From The Ecstasy

Okay, I admit it... I was honestly getting off on the sensual feel of the natural fibers gripping and sliding up and down the wood... knitting needles... when I first started working with the 100% Merino Wool that I am making my sister-in-law's scarf with.

But as a "Recovering Catholic" anything that feels THAT good should be avoided, or at least limited in it's scope. It is with that sense of duty (and shame) that I reluctantly put down the rapturous fibers and turned my attention elsewhere. Specifically, to the yarn that my 6-year old twin nieces selected for their Christmas scarves. They live about 2 hrs away and I don't visit them nearly as much as I would like. So, I asked my sister to take the girls to the local Joann Fabrics and have the girls pick out whatever yarn they liked. There is a Joanne in my neck of the hinterlands and at least I knew I could find the yarn they wanted...thus insuring Uncle Bill's successful gift-giving come the Yule!

Did I mention they are 6 years old? So Cute! Silky Blond Hair! Big Crystal Blue Eyes! (I can remember when my sister looked just like them!)

The little angels both selected Lion Brand Yarns "Velvet Spun" ... one in Lavender (shown) and the other in Bluebell. How hard could it be? A nice chunky yarn. Big needles. Voila! WRONG!!! LOL! Oh, the folly!

Velvet Spun is more like a really thick version of thread. There is NO GIVE in this yarn what-so-ever! Instead of experiencing that rhythmic click-clack of knitting "in the zone" this is a bit like weaving with two sticks. It is making "whipping out a chunky scarf" a wee bit more challenging that I had originally hoped! Thank goodness I am not putting these scarves off to the last minute! However, the scarf itself is (in a 6 year old girl kinda way) rather nice. All fluffly and soft and reminds me of a thick crushed velour. The plan is to embellish the fringe ends with ribbons of various widths and hues and I am currently looking for some sort of "bauble" to add that will make each girl's scarf their favorite accessory.

I can't wait to start on the 3 year (and 10 months) old's selection. Yes, I even encouraged a toddler to pick out her own yarn. I didn't realize that such a particularly bright & obnoxious shade of purple existed!! It could be a lot worse... they could have chosen yarn that I could not afford to buy.

As my knitting teacher and buddy, Rhonda, likes to say, "Knit Happens!"


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Come to the dark side, we have cookies! *dangles cashmere, marino and silk befre WJB*

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Yes, it's true. But they are chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies.

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MY secret weapon protects me again! FOILED AGAIN, BuduR!! Dineen doesn't care for Chocolate! (Macadamia nuts, on the other hand...)

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By any chance would those be WHITE chocolate macadamia nut cookies? *drool*? Any still warm?

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of course milk or dark chocolate just wouldn't be right.

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Uncle Bill,
...might I suggest some sparkly beads threaded onto the ribbon can never have too much glitz!'...and there are some iridescent plastic beads in the craft well as Swarovski crystals....

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Speaking of Swarovski & glitz... reminds me of a story... I was in Vegas in 2005 for a wedding. I took a side trip over to the Liberace Museum. What I didn't realize was that I was there on the anniversary of Liberace's death. Yikes. However, I had the great fortune of meeting the woman who designed (and still cares for and maintains) all of Liberace's capes. She was a fiercely elegant woman, richly accented speech, and she was donning a sapphire and diamond necklace that worthy of royalty. As it was the anniversary, she welcomed the company and treated me to flipping through her photo albums of her career with Liberace and she wove tales of the life they once lived. All the while, spread out on the floor of her studio, was one of Liberace's fur capes encrusted with Swarovski crystals that she was meticulously steam cleaning with a hand-held steamer, cotton swabs and a toothbrush. It was a surreal visit that afforded me a glipse into another world, another time.
When I was a wee lad, I recall my father calling all us kids out to sit in front of our first television set to watch Liberace perform. I remember him saying, "I don't care what people may say about this man. He is the best at what he does and you have got to respect that."

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Enticing touch, try the same size needles in metal, sometimes it works better.

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An embelishment that might be of interest is to add beads with letters on them to spell out their given names. The brand that I'm familiar with is Westrim ( The packets of beads can be purchased with iether all white with black lettering, or in pastels with white lettering, or in silver and gold beads - I don't recall the colours used for the lettering on these. I think both Michael's and JoAnn's carries them.

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Actually, it's very simple, really - too many nut allergies mean that I dare not risk macadamia nuts...
However of the fifth graders whom I teach wrote in her homework book 'Chocolate is my teacher's best friend'. How true...

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Chocolate and a good man, what more could a person ask for?

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Any kind of nuts work for me!
However, I did knit a cuddly toy from some LionBrand Chenille. That was tough. No give at all. All nylon, acrylic stuff. Very soft & very washable.
Knit away, knit away

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