Knit Blog Find For Beginners Like Me

I just found the TECHknitting blog, and I daresay it's one of the best howtoknit blogs I've seen so far.

The blog appealed to the geek in me. It's not so much a how-to, although it is a how-to site. It really probes into the process itself, looks into theories about knitting, and puts a technical (ah!) spin (ah! - that's for the yarn makers) on knitting.

It seems trivial, but it really does make a difference when you realize that it's knot (ah!) your fault that you're knitting a scarf in stockinette and it curls up into a tube. Check it out:

Hey you're back!

The graphics are clear and economical (not a whole lot of flourishes - it looks like the graphics in a good woodworking book), and the instructions are easy and conversational. It can get technical at times, but the author manages to explain the really technical ones with a picture.

I really recommend this to beginners, and even the expert ones who know what they're doing, but are craving for an analytical take on knitting. I hope Darryl puts the this site up as a source.


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Thanks for the info on the tech blog. I checked it out and had a couple of questions answered right away that were spinning around my head


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Hey I'm also totally into that blog! The recent series on right/left slanting decreases really hooked me.

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Great blog. Thanks for posting it. I'm sure I'll be spending hours reading it.

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Brilliant....I too am a beginner and need all the help, I can get. This is great thanks for posting


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Oh, my achin' brain!!!

I LOVE this blog!!!

Does that make me considered to be a knitting knerd?

(Yes, I admit, that was extremely wicked bad, but I had to...just had to.)


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Ditto - now to find the *time* to peruse the site....

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OH YEAH, BABY!!! This is WONDERFUL! Right off the bat, it explained some knitting voodoo that I was just pondering with my partner this evening.

THANK YOU for this great resource!!