Finishing up another baby blankie

Well, Another friend of mine (in beautiful Asheville NC) had a baby a few weeks ago and the moment I found out, I cast on to knit a new blanket, one I hadn't tried before. This one is Aran and I even knitted the baby's name (LUNA) into it. Can't really see it to clearly from the picture. This is the largest baby blanket I've done. Love those baby blankets though. My goal is now to start learning to work with colors.

I posted earlier, but then went and found Marcel on the blanket. Funny how cats always find stuff.


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It is difficult to make out detail from your photos, but it is obviously a lot of work. I can't imagine getting something like that done in "a few weeks." I'm sure the parents will appreciate your work, even if the baby isn't aware she is sleeping with something fit for a princess.

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Yeah, sorry the details aren't so great. Once I've done blocking it and it's sunny and bright, I'll take a pic without a flash and will hope to get a nice one of it. Thanks for the nice compliment. Happy knitting to you.


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No comment.


From the details I can is beautiful!

My two cats always used to help with my knitting too...