The Wonderful Wallaby: A Hooded Sweater for all Ages

I just finished the "Wonderful Wallaby" for my daughter Sophia... I'm really happy with how it turned out. If you're looking for a reasonably-quick, pretty easy, fun little sweater pattern, this one's great (it took me under 2 weeks). The owner of one of our local yarn shops recommended it - I like that the booklet contains pattern instructions for everyone toddler to adult. You can't really tell from the picture (nearly-2-year-olds aren't always very cooperative!) but it has a hood and a center pocket in front.

Incidentally, the armpits and the center seam of the hood are woven together with a Kitchener stitch which, for the first time ever, actually turned out correctly thanks to instructions at: -- look for the entry by Jennie Merritt.

I used Size 6 and 8 needles.
The yarn is TLC's "Wiggles" Color 699.
The Pattern is by "Cottage Creations" ($6.50 at our local shop)

For the record, I wouldn't recommend this yarn for children. Although it knit up nicely, it's handwash-only and the little wigglies are apparently fun to pull off... ugh. (Something I didn't think of until today when Phia pulled several dozen of them...) it was cheap though, I think I paid less than $2 a skein and used about 1 1/2! Can you believe that -- a sweater for under $5!

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That is very cute, both the sweater and the child. Does it say bad things about me that I consider her cowering from the camera to be cute?

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No... it is sometimes totally cute -- to be honest, I'm generally happy whenever she's quiet :-)

Grace and Peace,

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She's adorable! Great job on the sweater! The "wigglies" are a nice touch for a childs sweater, even if they are somewhat impractical. I see why to chose it. Maybe she'll loose interest and stop pulling them out soon :)

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I think it's adorable, I agree the wigglies make it just adorable. And it's a steal at that price! I would have never guessed it cost so little. Good Job Tim :)

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