Socks in Regia Wool

These are a pair of socks knitted in German Regia Wool.  Print-dyed, it easily knits to a pattern as if by magic!

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Sweet socks! I like the Regia myself. I recently finished a pair that striped themselves into a camouflage pattern. It is some nice stuff.


Cool work! Or, maybe, warm work for this time of year. My favorite sock, with ribbing on the top of the foot and a long cuff. Just wish Regia would keep basic solid colors in stock as well as the fancy dye jobs. Have you tried any of the Jaquard patterns? Regia, Stahler Socka, etc, all come in that striping pattern. The basic look is a solid band alternating with a mottled band of two colors. It's always fun for a change.

Hi - Just back from Innsbruck in Austria.  They are mad on socks there.  Found two wool shops with fantstic wools but rather lacking on patterns.  I think that's because they wear alot of traditional stuff rather than colours, although they had masses of Regia and other brands.  The Regia silk looked very nice. I'll have to see if I can get it in London.

I've made a few pairs of socks in the Jaquard patterns and they always seem to work out great.