Norwegian Mittens

Knitted these last year to a 1940's Norwegian Knitting Pattern in English Guernsey 5-ply wool.  Very warm indeed!

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OMG, I love those mittens. I have a pattern for a pillow done in this style. Is it hard to follow the chart? GREAT WORK!!!!!

Thanks! They were quite easy as they are knitted on four needles so the pattern is much easier to manage than backwards and forwards. I also made a pair in grey and green sock wool for my gargantuan brother. They look a bit different because of the texture and colours. I'll try and pinch them and get a picture up.

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is this pattern sold anywhere? i would love it so much! is there a way to get this pattern? it would be sooo appreciated...???

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The newest issue of Vogue Knitting (Fall 08) is out. Picked up a copy yesterday and it's got lots and lots of mittens. I did a review on it on my blog.

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Knitting Editor