Traditional Guernsey #2

This is a traditional English Guernsey, knitting in traditional 5-ply wool.  They are knitted on very small needles and produce a water and wind-proof fabric.  The patterns differ from village to village and family to family.  Only the top of the sweaters carry a pattern as the rest in hidden by dungarees.  The arms are usually short so as not to get waterlogged and cause chaffing.  Traditionally the wearers initials are knitted in just about the welt.  They are always knitted in the 'round' and the arms knitted from the shoulder down.

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Knitting Ganseys by Beth Brown-Reinsel is a GREAT book if you are even mildly interested in gansey sweaters.  It's a how-to guide in which you learn the traditional methods for knitting these sweaters by working a miniature that incorporates the techniques.  It also includes history, info on designing your own, and some of the author's designs.  I love this book.

Great sweaters, Simon!

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A gansey is one of my yets.  Seeing what you have done is quite an inspiration.  Gives me a goal for 2006 projects.  I own the Knitting Ganseys also and agree with JPaul that it is a great addition to the knitting library.  Now I just have to knit one.