Weenie Warmer

OK, I found the perfect thing for me to knit for my friend. You can see one at www.queerjoe.com/patterns/willie_warmer Also on www.yoopercrafts.com I have become an expert at toe up socks. I'm trying to invision knitting this as a toe up sock, narrow, for the shaft, and then increasing my stitches, and doing like my short row heel for the scrotum! Does any of this make sense to anyone? If anyone else has made one of these or altered the pattern in some way, let me know.




I haven't knit it, but I do have the pattern....sounds like it could work as you suggested...what yarn are you using??

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I was going to go to the LYS today and pick one out. I was thinking something hot pink or lime green, I guess in just a worsted weight wool. Lamb's pride comes in tons of colors. I guess the recipient just needs to know they can't wash it or it'll felt! :-) An alpaca would be nice and soft. What would you suggest?

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SILK! go with SILK!

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Any hints on the pattern? I think I'll just sit down with some yarn and try my toe up version with short rows and just see how it looks. They should knit up pretty quick!

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I made something like that for a former co-worker a few months ago.

He just got married and it was a pressie for him from a couple of the girls...

...knit by me.


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Did you follow the pattern that they have, or did you just make something up on your own?

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Such erotic talk about yarn has me blushing!

Just make sure he is not displeased with the size you knit.

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I think it's best to error on the large size ...

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I'd second the "silk" suggestion. Maybe corn-silk or bamboo... thay're both soft and easy to work with.

Regarding measurements... of course larger is better than too small, but you might consider making it a little "larger than life" and then sewing some elastic into it. I did that with a hat for my daughter last night. The elastic I used was about a quarter the thickness of sewing thread - entirely invisible, but "pulls" the work in nicely. I've used it on a mittens and socks a couple of times when the ribbing seems to loose. Drop me a PM if you want more info on it.

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LOL I showed this to my fiance, his first reaction "What is wrong with you American's?"

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Well, I'm an American, and I wonder the same thing.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh me gosh, I was at work and dared not look at it...and I must say....oh I can't....

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Got to have it...
Please send me the pattern, tried to go to queerjoe.com, but AOL couldn't fine the page. I know a few guys I could knit these for, lol