Thanksgiving in Portland, OR

Hey all you Portland knitters! Lord willing and the Gorge don't freeze, my family and I will be making the trek to PDX for Thanksgiving weekend. Who wants to recommend their favorite LYS out that way? I know there are a ton of 'em, but I'll have the family with me and we'll have other things to do and see, so I'll probably have to choose to go see one (maybe 2) LYS. Got any suggestions?



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My favorites: Close Knit on NE 27th and Alberta and The Yarn Garden on SE 14th and Hawthorne.

Have a great time in Portland...........there are many other wonderful things to see and do!


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From Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon:

Have a great and safe holiday.

...and knit like there was no tomorrow!


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twisted on about 24th and NE broadway!!! i love the place, and the girls that run it are super sweet :-)