Call A Doctor...I've got FELTED BALLS

I bought the little ones on the plate and decided I needed to try to make some. The larger three are the ones I came up with. I wet felted them, and now plan to needle felt some designs on the next "generation"

What do you think?


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Those are certainly the nicest fuzzy balls I've seen in some time. ::smirk::

We did this as a knitting guild program a couple of years ago. Then we sliced the balls in half to be used as buttons. If I only knew where they were. I just made a felted mitered bag that need a big honking button. LOL.

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Theyre wonderful!!!

I may have to try these for my soon-to-be-born grandchild...

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Um, very colorful, but what do you generally do with your balls?

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Sounds like a loaded question ...

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yes it does, can't wait for the answer!

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Nice balls Dru! Are they soft balls or firm balls? It's hard to tell without being able to fondle them.