Started my first Cap

Finally started on my first cap.  Using #2s and now thinking for my first one I should have gone for something using bigger needles.  I can tell the stitch is going to look great but as you seasoned people know, it's gonna take me a while to feel like I am getting anywhere. Oh well.


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True, you will have a little cramping going on....but there is nothing finer than something knitted on small really makes for a better quality garment! Good luck mister man!

What thickness of yarn are you using with your # 2's? Sock, fingering, or DK weight yarns do well with needles that small and the fine work looks great. But a fluffy cap, with lots of loft and air, works out well with worsted, chunky, or super-thick yarns as well. Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Without Tears describes how to make a super-thick toque (or watch cap) that looks great when done on # 10's or thicker needles.

 Myself, I love small needles and fine yarns for wool socks. Wouldn't get through the winter cold spells (like today) without my hand-knitted socks.



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Good luck.  Hats are so much fun and make wonderful and easy gifts.  Are you swatching first?  You may need to change needle size to get the look you are comfortable with.  I have done hats on small needles with fingering weight, to size 3's for Koigu, to size 6's for Nature Spun, Print 127, size 7's for Manos to 10's for a hat with Iro.  Since I am a loose knitter I tend to go down a needle size.  One of the elements I like about knitting hats is that I use them as a springboard to push my creativity and experiment - such as with fairisle.  Have fun.