help knitting a scarf for one of my guy friends

Christmas is getting closer and this year and I want to knit my friend Michael a scarf, exept I have no idea of what patern to use, I have light blue yarn if anyone can sugest paterns teh y would be very helpful, thank you.

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I can say that my favorite (and super easy) pattern I have been using lately is this:

cast on an even number of stitches
slip the first stitch, p1, k1 to end (you should end with p1)
turn, knit back

continue till you're out of yarn -

it makes a beautiful scarf - with a bumpy pattern on one side, and an almost ribbed pattern on the front - shows off all kinds of yarn amazingly...



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For my guy friends, I love to get a nice, soft, REALLY THICK wool (or whatever) yarn and just do a k1,p1 single-ribbed pattern. It's quick work, and with a thick yarn, it's sooooo plush and nice. Spice it up with a patterned/variegated yarn. Depends on the guy you're knitting for, I guess.

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I've gotten to like Palindrome because it's reversible and there's only 2 different pattern rows....the body of the cables and the actual "cabling" row. So easy I can do it while "bowling at Pogo" or watching television. Not a lot of counting rows either so I can put it down and pick it up later without fussing about where I was in the pattern.

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I just finished the Irish Hiking Scarf. It's a free pattern from Happy Yarns. I used the Lion Brand Wool-Ease "Thick & Quick" on size 15 needles... however, due to the large needle and yarn size, I reduced the pattern from a 3 cable down to a 2 cable version. Like the pattern that MurfPapa referred to above, this one has only three actual lines of stitches... the odd (WS) rows, the even (RS) rows, and the actual cable knit row. After doing it for a few rotations, I didn't even need to refer to the written pattern. It is a nice, thick, washable, warm, luxurious... and very easy to knit scarf! HAVE FUN WHICH EVER PATTERN YOU SELECT! I am sure he will appreciate it!

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thank you for the sugjestions I decided on a ribbed patern(K1 p1 and then reverse every other row) on size 10 needels, i cast on 25 stiches with a bit of bark blue scrap yarn I had, did a few rows and switched over to my light blue yarn and when I'm nearly finished I'm going to use some more of the dark blue for the end, it's easyer(for me at least) than fringe and it looks nice too!