Welcome, fellow knitters

Wow! What a wonderful way to get together! Haven't had too many opportunities to get together with others to discuss knitting. And, most knitters still tend to be women, so haven't listened to the male slant on knitting at all. But I really love the way MEN WHO KNIT is set up. Plan on exchanging a lot of opinion, information, and chat with the group.

 I started knitting about twenty-six years ago when I couldn't find a decent sweater for my little girl. My daughter is now in her late twenties and still loves Daddy's sweaters more than any other. In addition to sweaters, i have designed -- and knitted -- hats, caps, gloves, scarves, and socks. SOCKS! How much fun is that? Love the whole process of making socks. And love wearing my hand-knit socks. Love flooring people with the idea of an old coot like me working with dainty laces and needles.


Teaching knitting teaches me many things. For one, I am surprised by who learns what. Beginning knitters are a very mixed bag in my experience. Some pick up knitting easily, some require endless patience and much repetition. A beginning session usually covers casting on, binding off, knit stitch, purl stitch, increasing, and decreasing. That is, if the student picks up knitting quickly.

When you think about it, if a knitter can do the above six things, then that knitter can make any garment -- sock, sweater, hat, mitten, glove, etc. The teacher brings an hour or two of effort in showing the student how to knit. After that first basic session, it is up to the student to go in the direction that appeals to him or her the most. That's a pretty satisfying experience for me -- spend a few hours teaching a skill that may enrich someone for the rest of their life.