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I'm looking over a sweater pattern that I'm considering (yeah I need another WIP like I need another hole in the head) And it says to do the stockinette stitch for 6 rows and then do a k2 p2 ribbing for 3". Now I just don't understand what this curling inch or so is good for, I read through the whole pattern and it is done at every opening, bottom, sleeves and neck. I thought maybe there was some fancy footwork I'd have to do in the finishing but it's never mentioned again. So what exactly would be the purpose of this curl?


Some people think it is an attractive, fashionable edgeing. (I don't
fall into that category, however.)

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Really? hmmm well, that's. yeah ok. Well to me it just seems like it would look sloppy. So, I'm taking it won't hurt nothing if I conveniently left it off? I will NOT support my man's endeavors to be the sloppiest dressed man in all of Romania!

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The ribbing will stop the curling at an exact point. If it were not there it could curl for l0 rows or 8 rows or 12 rows or even worse at row 32. This way all edges will be uniform. You re right that you could leave it off. I think sweater edges are the only thing that fashion changes. Have you noticed that many sweaters now have hemmed borders like the fifties. Before that it was l inch ribbing after about 3 to 5 inches of ribbing and then before that it was the curling edges. Of course, you could start a new fashion and put a different border on each - waist, wrist, and neck.

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I think I'll stick with just plain old k2 p2 ribbing, it's neat and tidy. Now if I could just get my son to wear pants that fit him

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Like the others have said, it is simply a rolled edge. Some people like some don't. I've seen it look good on some pieces, but I think it's just being a bit overdone. Like you, I prefer a nice ribbing... either k2p2 or k2p1.

Most importantly, there is no knitting police and you can do it however you like.

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I know great therapy for this sort of thing. You find Karen Bonkowski and you get your own box of 64 colors and you color her car with them, but you use one crayon to write "See, I STILL know how to SHARE" on the hood.

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Sheeeey*t...I like your way of thinking woman!

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I like the rolled edge bottom on some garments, it ads to their nice casual look.